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Medicine is an art. And it is an art to live a healthy life maintaining your inner and outer beauty.

Medicine is constantly moving forward, but new medical aesthetic methods and techniques are developing and being implemented at an even faster pace. However, it is important to understand that aesthetics is part and parcel of medicine. Our body has a miraculous ability to slow down processes of its own ageing, if we focus on proper diet with a balanced intake of vitamins and trace elements, engage in physical activities and take care of our skin health.

The task of our professional team is to address each individual case holistically, not separating skin health from the condition the rest of the body is in.

Personalised care, experienced physicians who keep learning and mastering their skills and expertise in different fields of medicine, analytical thinking, and ability to thoroughly evaluate each individual case, modern technologies, well-coordinated work of like-minded specialists - these are the key factors enabling us to reach the desired goal.

Most of our customers want to look good while preserving their unique identity. We want the same, which means we do not go to extremes, but do our best to improve their natural looks, using only safe methods and preparations.

Our customers’ health will always remain our main priority and objective.

If you have any relevant questions, please do not hesitate to address them to us, and we will try to give you honest answers and find solutions to your problems!

Why Us?


Both our doctors and nurses are experienced specialists in their respective fields, who have proved themselves as knowledgeable, responsible, and reliable professionals. Their knowledge, skills and attitude towards the work entrusted to them have been appreciated by our patients.

Up-to-date equipment

Up-to-date equipment

State-of-the-art technologies we have at our disposal ensure the highest level of effectiveness and safety preventing discomfort in patients and turning medical and aesthetic medicine manipulations into enjoyable procedures.



All our employees are highly qualified professionals and they regularly upgrade their skills and qualifications attending specialized seminars, trainings, conferences, and congresses in Latvia, as well as abroad. All medical personnel are certified in accordance with legal requirements.



We offer our patients as welcoming and patient-friendly prices as possible, differentiating them in accordance with the types of manipulations and scope of work involved. You can familiarize yourself with our price list if you go to the section “prices” on our website.

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