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Neoplasms removal


Benign neoplasms (skin formations like moles, papillomas, keratomas) can be removed with a laser, whereas some formations can only be removed surgically. It is a must to consult a dermatologist before removing any neoplasm. Your doctor will conduct a dermoscopic examination of the skin formations to assess whether they can be removed, and which removal method should be the most appropriate.

What can i expect after the neoplasm removal procedure?

After the laser removal of the neoplasm, there will develop a small scab at the site of the removed formation, which will fall off between 7 and 10 days later. After the procedure, it is advised to apply a healing ointment to the wounded area regularly until it is fully healed.

Are there any restrictions to be observed following the procedure?

After the laser removal of the neoplasm you should avoid exposing the treated area to the sun for at least another 1-2 months. Also, you should refrain from visiting a sauna or swimming pool for about a week, until the treated skin area has healed.

Facts about the procedure
Duration <br/>of the procedure
of the procedure
20 min.
The optimum number <br/>of procedures required
The optimum number
of procedures required
1 procedure
Does it hurt
Does it hurt
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