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Paediatric dermatology


Your child’s skin is an indicator of his/her health. Do not miss out on a visit to a dermatologist, because rash on the skin may be a sign of something as serious as internal organs, gastrointestinal tract, autoimmune, infectious, or congenital diseases.


The dermatologist will determine an appropriate treatment therapy taking into consideration the type of disease, severity of the young patient’s condition, his/her individual characteristics. Your doctor will explain what hygiene rules are to be observed and give advice on how to take care of your child’s soft and delicate skin. In case of allergic reactions, it is essential to follow a diet excluding food that can cause unpleasant symptoms.

Bacterial, fungal, and viral skin diseases require the use of appropriate means to defend the body from the pathogens.

Laser procedures and acid chemical peels are used to treat acne.

The consultation with your dermatologist will determine treatment and such additional measures as diet adjustment, skin care, etc. When detecting benign neoplasms, the specialist may recommend that they be removed.


  • When you notice some spots on the child’s skin, purulent pimples, blisters, scabs, cracks;
  • In case your child’s skin becomes itchy;
  • If a rash appears on your child’s skin or mucous membranes;
  • When dandruff occurs and the condition of the scalp or hair itself deteriorates;
  • In case of some toenail and fingernail problems;
  • If your child develops ecxema, psoriasis;
  • In case of severe and frequent herpes manifestations;
  • In case adolescent pimples and acne require treatment;
  • In case of suspected issues with moles (quick growth, trauma, change of colour);
  • In case of any other issues with your child’s skin.


  • Consultations with a paediatric dermatologist;
  • Treatment of atopic dermatitis;
  • Treatment of pimply rashes in adolescents;
  • Treatment of bacterial, viral, fungal infections.
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